Bear Brothers Vodka

The French vodka by excellence

Bear Brothers has created an organic vodka with pure respect for the ingredients.

On a wheat base, it's distilled with Corsican clementine, mandarin orange and Timut pepper.

Vodka Clementina
from €40,00

A vodka inspired by nature

Bear Brothers Vodka is a distilled flavored vodka. No addition is made after distillation, except for our Pyrenean spring water. We use the highest quality citrus, Timut peppercorns, all enhanced by a Stupfler still.

An ultra premium French vodka

Our vodka is a vodka called Ultra
Premium. The only flavors that can be
added are natural aromatic substances or aromatic preparations
presented in the distillate obtained from the fermented raw materials.

An organic and flavored French vodka

We distill our vodka with fresh citrus fruits, such as our Corsican Clementine, our Mandarin, in our neutral alcohol (organic wheat at 96% TAV) in Stupfler still. We let the distillates rest, this one contains Timut pepper and we carry out a reduction with Pyrenean spring water.

The advantages of our Vodka

Quality clementines and mandarins, Timut peppercorns, Pyrenean spring water, all enhanced by distillation in a Stupfler still.

Our vodka is an amazing vodka, fresh, fruity and spicy at the same time with a nice length in mouth.

Mouth suave, fat, the citrus fruit comes right away with a spicy end on the pomelo.

Bear Brothers Vodka