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Bear Brothers, in a few words

All our gins are resolutely inspired by nature and the Pyrenean terroir.

Common ingredients in our range, they are composed of juniper berries, exceptional citrus fruits, botanicals such as coriander and Pyrenean spring water, all enhanced by distillation in Stupfler stills.

Our gins all have different characters but the citrus framework remains present.

All are London Dry with no additions after distillation. Only natural products go into the composition, no flavors, essential oils, sugar...

Our selected juniper has a nice fruit flavor while its resinous side is totally erased.


We elaborate our creations on a base of wheat alcohol and fresh citrus fruits, aromatics and botanicals.

For the Bear Brothers Gin we have retained for example the magical Yuzu, but also Bergamot with its intoxicating perfume, the Cedar hand of Boudha, the Lemon caviar but still many other varieties which will all be visible on our plantations.

Bear Brothers Gins

London Dry Gin

Among the multitude of categories of gin and if we had to keep only one, it would undoubtedly be the London Dry gin or London gin.

The London Dry is nothing less than THE reference in gin. London Dry symbolizes the tradition and the quality of gin. It is both the most famous and the most commercialized gin..
What characterizes London Dry gin: strict rules, taste quality and diversity.

London Dry is not an appellation of origin but a guarantee of quality that the manufacturing process meets the strictest norms and standards. It must be distilled in traditional stills and respect a classic production process.

No artificial flavouring, colouring are allowed except for sugar in well-defined proportions of maximum 0.1 g per liter of final product.
Juniper plays the main role and thanks to the addition of botanicals it acquires its
unique character. The distillate collected at the exit of the still contains at least 70% of alcohol.

Why create a London Dry gin?

Bear Brothers Gin belongs to the highest quality category of gins, the distilled products of the London Dry gin appellation.

Bear Brothers Gin belongs to the highest quality category of gins, the distilled products of the London Dry gin appellation.

No additives are added after distillation, except for our Pyrenean spring water. All our ingredients are 100% natural.

If one were to summarize London Dry Bear Brothers gin: neutral alcohol, juniper berries, and water... natural botanicals, flavoring preparations.
The taste of juniper must be predominant and the whole reduced to a minimum TAV of 37.5 !