The project 2.0

We embarked on a crazy project, that of creating an ultra-modern Distillery, on the banks of the Canal du Midi, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Our objective? A reasoned production of French organic spirits with plantations less than 5kms from the distillery for a zero kilometer production.

Bear Brothers, in a few words

Once upon a time, there were two brothers and two childhood friends who decided to create a distillery to produce the spirits of their dreams.

Why "bear brothers"? For these former rugby players from the Ariège mountains, nature is a true inspiration. The name "bear brothers" seems to be a true symbol for these Pyrenean bears mobilized to discover the virtues of their territory through their spirits.

The name naturally transforms into Bear Brothers and becomes a stall for taste enthusiasts, lovers of flavors who wish to taste excellence.

The respect of a heritage

A project that is created around an ambitious objective, that of creating excellence in order to enhance our terroir. Spirits we are proud of, spirits without compromise.

The inspiration of nature

Our spirits are made from hand-picked wild mountain juniper, exceptional citrus plants and Pyrenean spring water. Nature is decidedly our inspiration.

The best raw materials

Our job is certainly to create flavors, but we do not invent anything. We choose, with great care, the best raw materials, at the right maturity, and we distill only fresh, whether in citrus or aromatic herbs.

More Information

Waiting for the construction of our distillery in Auzeville-Tolosane, we perform the maceration and distillation steps at our Friends of the Distillery of the Gulf located in Vannes on the same Stupfler stills that will be operational at our production site in the fall of 2022.

Bear Brothers Teams

Beyond being brothers or childhood friends, our multidisciplinary team has complementary experiences and skills.

Our values are sporting, mountainous and human. It is because of these values that we have chosen partners who share them and who are an integral part of our team. We are united around the desire to achieve ambitious goals, without compromise.

From our childhood was born our love of gastronomy, beautiful tables, good products and laughter until the early morning. This is what aroused our curiosity and our passion for spirits. Bear Brothers is part of a virtuous approach, that of a search for excellence in our raw materials favoring short circuits.

The objective of Bear Brothers? To become passionate creators and ambassadors of French epicureanism by allowing you to gather with friends and family around our spirits.

Our production bases

Our Products
Distillerie des Pyrénées Mai 2022

The brand new French distillery for 2022

Production policy

We are creators of flavors and commit the means adapted to our ambition With our imagination and our R&D laboratory we research and test new flavors, new processes that will make our spirits of tomorrow.


Consume less but better, the leitmotif of Bear Brothers. We use only natural, whole and fresh products. We add no ingredients or flavors after distillation, only our Pyrenean spring water to reduce alcohols.


Because nature is our inspiration and we take pride in our terroir, Bear Bothers spirits are based on natural ingredients and use Pyrenean spring water. Bear Brothers is committed to an eco-responsible process

Our region

The territory of the Bears, from the Couserans mountains in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Ariègeoises

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